What is Rosey Hayes?

Welcome to Rosey Hayes! Thank you so much for supporting a fellow Momma on a mission to furnish your children's closets for all life's moments and sweet memories without the ridiculous price tag. I have always been the type of person who doesn't just pay attention to details, but LOVES details. When I finally had two babies of my own, I realized how EXPENSIVE it was for me to bring those details to life for a tiny person who is growing every second! This is where it all began. 

More important than price point, quality is the foundation of Rosey Hayes. Every single item passes through my hands before being delivered to your door. You are not ordering from a fulfillment machine who then ships your items from who knows which country, I know you know what I'm talking about. In a world of "drop shipping", Rosey Hayes is dedicated to being the most personable virtual shopping buddy you have! 

The vision and purpose of Rosey Hayes is to be your trusted resource for all things apparel for your most loved little humans. Don't ever hesitate to reach out girl! (or dude), we're friends now! 


Could I get an update on shipping?

Tammie Dufrene December 10, 2019

You are good at this. I’m impressed! I hope the best for you. It feels right.

Paw Paw January 21, 2019

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